Sunday, 20 May 2012

The Many Morning Faces of Miss Mog.

She's exhausted, I'm exhausted, and no one seems to know why. She's not particularly stiff, there's no obvious bloating or other tummy troubles, she slept really well all night without needing pain relief or sedation. And then woke up and needed holding and snuggling and wrapping tight; alternating inconsolable with gigglefest, and then having voiciferously rejected her wheelchair repeatedly for two hours, suddenly decided it was more than acceptable, and has been really happy all day. Two hours is definitely better than ten days, but I would love to know what it is that's bothering her so much. And I suspect she'd quite like it if I knew, too.



Suze said...

I love the smiley faces. They just show how beautiful she is xxx

R said...

That's an impressive series of expressions in just a couple of hours! Glad it turned out to be an OK sort of day after all that.

What does she say about it? I know it's incredibly hard to get specifics unless they're already in her talking book but at least she might be able to get as far as "I was upset but I don't know why" or "something was hurting but I can't remember what it was" or something?

Tia said...

She doesn't seem to know - or be willing to tell. Sometimes says it is her back, sometimes her head, sometimes everywhere all over and the worst thing ever and other times no it's not hurting and no don't ask me.

pippinsmum said...

Could the waking be cause by some type of nightmare? Although that wouldn't cause day problems unless she was recalling it.

R said...

Hrrrm. Did pain medicine help her out at all? Or was she on-and-off so quickly that there wasn't really a sensible point to give them?

Unless I'm wildly mistaken (entirely possible - please forgive if so) you've mentioned signs/symptoms of precocious puberty in the past.

Has Mog had the Hormones Talk yet?

You know, the one that explains the fact that in the process of your body growing up, bits of you release these chemicals that can make everything feel utterly horrible and scary sometimes, or make you feel really incredibly angry, or like you need to cry for three days for no reason? Suspect somewhat that schools like Mog's may not give their young women a very useful version of same...

Only I reckon that the hormones that can make always-conscious always-able-to-communicate-my-thoughts Me cry for an hour because I can't find the right pen, might make a 9 year old Mog do something that looks a lot like your series of photos.

If so, she has my profound sympathy.

Tina said...

Could be worth keeping a diary as Becca may have hit the nail on the head there. It would fit with her varied responses too
Back ache/ all over ache/ stop asking me silly questions ache! All those fit in with premenstrual rubbish. See if there is any kind of pattern.


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