Sunday, 2 November 2014


We are still here. Apologies for the long silence. A week becomes a month, a month becomes a season, and then posting anything at all feels like a really huge deal. 

I might go back and fill some gaps, I might just post from now, or maybe this will be it for another few months. Sorry for the lack of a plan. But I know people have worried, so I thought I'd just pop up and say hello, still here, still breathing, and life is precious and good. 

Thank you for your patience, if anyone is still reading. 


Clare said...

Beautiful photo ... In my prayers, and sending a virtual hug...I've missed your posts xx

Caz said...

Very good to hear from you.

Hazel said...

That's OK then. I keep checking.

Anonymous said...

So good to read that you and the girls are well! Always checking, always reading... Prayers for complete recovery from infection and surgery xxx

Anna in Devon

Chloe said...

Lovely to hear from you all x


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