Wednesday, 16 September 2015


Rubbish photo, tasty quickish dish. Kedgeree with cauliflower rice, essentially. 

Poach 250g smoked haddock in 150mls milk of your choice (dairy, non-dairy, whatever you fancy). About 5 minutes, until fish is flaky and cooked. Remove from oven. Set two eggs in a pan of water and hard boil them (10 minutes once water boiling. Ish). 

Grate half a large cauliflower, boil for 1 min, drain, then pour into a tea towel and squeeze the extra water out. Spread out to allow steam to escape. 

Meanwhile, saut√© 3 small onions. Add two cloves garlic, minced. Stir in a goodly dollop of garam masala powder (I used a heaped tablespoon), hunt around for turmeric and fail to find both it and the ginger you planned to add. Didn't need either, in the event. 

Add in one small green chilli you find at the bottom of the 'fridge when looking for the ginger. I deseeded it; your choice. 

When onion soft and smelling beautifully, pour in the milk and fish juices. Add 50g creamed coconut, and a splash of boiling water to dissolve it. Add more milk or water if needed to cover bottom of the pan. 

Peel fish skin off the haddock, flake fish into the frying pan, and put fish skin on floor for cats, before remembering you have the only cats in the world who won't eat it. 

Pour cauliflower rice into frying pan and stir around to coat in sauce. Add juice of half a lemon and a big handful of frozen peas. 

Wilt a big bag of spinach, put around edge of serving dish. When frying pan sizzling gently, scoop vedgeree into middle of dish. Peel eggs, quarter, and scatter on top with a handful of parsley. Give lemon a last viscious squeeze to extract final drops, and serve quickly. Or, photograph and then tip slightly over half into the blender for your daughter.*


* this step optional.  

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