Friday, 12 October 2007

If you can't say something nice....

then don't say anything at all. That's what my Grannie always told us anyway. I think perhaps my blog should have fewer entries than it has at present in that case. But someone thinks I'm nice anyway - look what my good friend Trina has given me!

Thanks Trina and definitely sending that straight back to you! Trina is mother to Jophie, and any time I think Mog's giving me a health scare Jophie is usually giving Trina a similar scare but with even more added extras; Trina rolls with it all and somehow stays sane. Or perhaps we're two crazy ladies together and that's why we get on so well?

Who else would I send this to? Unfortunately the rest of my nominees are blogless, to my knowledge at least. Perhaps this'll motivate you to get started?

We'll start with Tina and her family. Tina I know will be embarrassed to be publicly outed like this but she is one of the nicest people I know. She feels that she hasn't been able to do very much to help us but she has been at the end of the phone, she's been a real prayer warrior, she managed to track down Trina for me when I was trapped offline, and most importantly of all, she has sent flowers, chocolates and balloons to cheer us all up when we got home! Thanks Tina!

Then there's Lou who I know will be trying to wring my neck for mentioning it. But Lou has flown to our rescue too many times to count over the past few weeks. She's taken a crash course in care of Mog and the Little Fish, and been promoted from Tia's friend who visits and thinks we're cute to substitute parent able to take full charge overnight and to go for walks in the park during the day. Believe me when I say taking a toddler to the park is not something Lou does every day of the week! Thank you so much Lou, for that and for all the medical explanations too.

Who else? So very many people have helped us out in so many different ways, I think I'll end this list with Becky who turned up last night just as the girls had settled down to sleep, handed me a bowl of sausage casserole and some fairy cakes, and went on her way again. Thanks Becky, your timing was perfect!


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