Saturday, 25 December 2010

Christmas Blessings

Love - to everyone. Especially for those who are spending Christmas alone or in the company of fewer people this year, through bereavement, through illness, relationship break down or simply travel difficulties, may you be filled with Christmas Love today.

Joy - to the World! May there be moments of Joy even for those with children who do not understand the pleasure and excitement around them. A special smile, a giggle, the little things we live for - may these be present today and our children's gifts to us, especially for those with very sick children today.

Peace - that peace which passes understanding to all those of us who are troubled in mind and spirit today. The peace which comes from sending the children outside or into another room to play with new toys to all those who already need a break from overexcited children. The Peace of mind which brings the ability to rise above digs from awkward houseguests to all those who need it!

Patience - with children who have been awake for hours, and with children who don't seem to want to wake up at all. Patience to children, with an acceptance that certain things need to be done and will happen in their own good time.

Kindness - instead of snappy answers, may I (and anyone else similarly snappily inclined) dig into that reserve of Peace and Patience and manage to find a sweet smile, a battery, a screwdriver or pair of scissors, and the willingness to forgive, especially to forgive the refusal to eat sprouts and parsnips.

Goodness - may there be Good Things happening generally today. Good News for those who need it, in tiny measures and in big ones too. Good gifts appreciated by giver and givee.

Faithfulness - to all who are Believers, may today bring a reminder of all that has been and is to come. May the God in whom we have our Faith multiply it and sustain us.

Gentleness - to encourage my children to make the right choices rather than dragging them from what they want to be doing towards what I need them to do. To accept outrageous suggestions from elderly relatives and apply the "never going to happen, so don't get het up about it" filter rather than attempting an unworkable re-education programme.

Self-control - to all who stand in need of it, both ourselves and those around us!

Wishing you all a very Happy Christmas and a Bright New Year,


Emma said...

Merry Christmas Tia, Mog and LF. Thank you for sharing your life with us all. Wishing you all all a wonderful remainder of the day. And a New Year that brings joy and happiness with each step x

You mean there's more??? said...

Merry xmas Tia!!!

kitchu said...

i was thinking about a word for 2011. and i'd chosen abundance.

but after reading this, i'm thinking... kindness. i can be a total grouch.

such a lovely post and good reminders for what we all must hope for.


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