Tuesday, 29 March 2011

Happy Birthday, Little Princess

A small girl, slightly before seven this morning (thank you, BST, you came just in time!) "Mummy, Mummy, am I the Birthday Girl?"

A highly orchestrated morning, "No, Mummy, not hello, you need to say, hello my precious Birthday Girl because you are the Birthday Mummy." Weetabix inhaled in double quick time to open the present from Mog, carefully searched out princess dresses and assorted tiaras and hair bands admired and assembled, but the real winner, this last-minute addition, a set of scrubs courtesy of Sainsbury's sale.
One "Doctor kit" complete with mask and stethoscope, and after the minor diversion of a full school day, she was home, changed, and outside showing off to everyone and chasing her schoolmates' parents down the street to try to listen to their chests. It's possible we'll be working on personal boundaries this year.

Phone calls, parcels, cards, six candles in a pot of chocolate pudding and a box of maltesers from the bus driver, what more could any girl wish for?

One very tired little girl fast asleep by six o'clock but only after more instructions "Now you must say goodnight my beautiful Birthday Girl because this was my very special day."



You mean there's more??? said...

That is lovely Tia,

Remember though tonight I go to sleep a father of 3 children, and one adult daughter.

Tomorrow I will go to bed the father of one child....


Tia said...

Now that is a scary thought.

pippinsmum said...

How lovely, happy Birthday to L P, brings back memories of a Fisher Price medical kit and everyone having to have their blood pressure 'measured'. I'm sure LP had a lovely day

AlisonM said...

happy birthday LP - so glad you had a great day. Lots of love from all of us xxxx

Anonymous said...

Happy Belated Birthday Little Princess!

Lucia said...

That scrubs outfit is so cute on Little Fish! Happy Birthday to Little Fish! :)

Tina said...

And what a beautiful Princess Surgeon she is!
Glad it was a very special Day Little Princess.
Hope to give you a special birthday hug very soon!

Order and Chaos said...

Happy Birthday Little Princess - hope you had an absolutely fantastic day.... and hope your Mum is getting help with kicking some butt over the 4 nappies/pads a day ruling.

Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday Little Fish! Hope you had a lovely day. And you look like a fabulous doctor in your scrubs :D


Anonymous said...

Happy belated birthday, Little Princess. What a great doctors outfit.

Lisa B
Hampshire, UK

Immi said...

Happy birthday LP .. & a very happy mother day Tia x


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