Sunday, 3 April 2011

A Birthday Princess

Three hours before the party.
Three hours after the party, all quiet in the house, with utterly exhausted children sleeping the sleep of the exhausted child.

17 small children, thankfully several spare parents, too much food, too many balloons and a good time was had by all except the little one who stood in a corner sucking her thumb. Only two sets of tears, and only three who refused to do anything at all - and even they agreed to sit down for the food.

We survived, no one died, and if we can teach her to swim in the next twelve months perhaps next time it can be a pool party. Or pizza. Or something involving fewer children and someone else in charge of entertainment!

Today, the aftermath. One small princess weeping and begging for a back rub, guiding my hand to her "hump"and asking me to push it gently. Not great, but laying the groundwork at least for the beginnings of conversations about how one of her doctors is thinking about maybe straightening it out one day with an operation.

And one larger princess who suddenly went very cold and shaky whilst enjoying a nice cuddle. I put her to bed and took her temperature before piling her with blankets - 38.8. Forget the blankets, strip her down, calpol and brufen and half an hour later even hotter, and with a heartrate of 180 to add interest to the proceedings. She then decided to get very warm, bright pink all over, so I took her temperature wondering how high the thermometer records - and despite burning up, she was now at 35.9. So we spent the rest of the afternoon alternating backrubs for one child with attempting to find a respectable compromise for the other, as she proceeded to cycle between the two extremes with the occasional bout of seizures in case we got bored. Gave up in the end, stuck her on her CPAP and she turned her head around, smiled and went to sleep. Much happier and much calmer. I'll try that earlier next time.

One Little Princess sleeping sweetly without her Nippy as it's marking her face = one strangely silent household. Larger one in Helen House from tomorrow, lesser one having Botox on Tuesday, could be an interesting week.


pippinsmum said...

Bless you Tia, your life is a bit of a roller coaster. I think you are amazing, hope all goes well and Mog settles down.

Ashley said...

Tia, are they putting her under for Botox? It can be great stuff- is this the first time?

Tia said...

Yes they're putting her under and yes it will be her first Botox. Into her bladder though which is a first for me!

Ginger said...

What a beautiful Birthday picture. Praying the Botox goes well.


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