Thursday, 19 May 2011

Save Rania

Last summer, I had the privilege of pitching my tent next to a truly lovely family. Mo and Jo, with daughters Rania and Karima. Mog had a seizure (or 30), and Rania bunny-hopped over to tell her it would be OK soon. And as the girls mingled. Jo and I caught up in person with chat we've been having online for a while.

They'd been at New Wine North, we'd been down in Bath; we'd both had pretty amazing weeks. And Jo had a new bracelent, with "Expect Miracles" engraved on it.

Now they need that miracle. Rania, although their daughter in love, is in the eyes of the law merely their niece. And niecehood is not a close enough relationship to allow Rania to stay in the UK.

Rania has extremely complex epilepsy. She needs resuscitating frequently, and relies on a complex regime of medication and close medical supervision to stay alive. And yet, despite all the odds, Rania is making phenomenal progress in her mainstream primary school.

Rania's story can be found in the Bolton News. Rania will not survive being deported, separated from the only family she knows, and a world away from the medical care which is keeping her alive. Rania was not born here, but this is her country, Jo and Mo are her parents, and Karima her little sister. She does not deserve to be deported, she has done nothing to deserve a death sentence.

Please consider signing this petition asking Theresa May, home secretary, to reconsider her decision.

Here is a link to an interview with Jo on Granada TV.



pippinsmum said...


Sleepwalker said...

Added my name too.

Anonymous said...

Me too. Why do they always go for the 'easy' targets.

Lisa B
Hampshire, UK

Order and Chaos said...

Have shared this with everyone I can think of on FB and via Twitter (disclaimer - I don't really "get" Twitter but it's being retweeted and also tweeted by others too).


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