Friday, 27 May 2011


Today I am fretting about respite arrangements for Mog whilst the Little Princess goes into hospital.

Today I discovered we have to be in hospital rather earlier than we'd hoped, so I went into school to inform them (and tLP) that she won't be back at all next term, and that they'd better say goodbye this afternoon.

Today tLP found me in school, and showed me both her Golden Award for really good Sounding Out her letters, and her Peers Award for Playing Nicely in the Playground.

Today I am frustrated with the feed pump company, who do not consider failing to deliver any feed at all to be a fault. And therefore I am also annoyed that Mog had no feed at all until she got back from school.

Today I am thinking of my friends, who are going home without their son.

Today I am tired.



Sleepwalker said...

(((Tia))) That feed company is beyond belief!

Anonymous said...

Reciprocal ((((hugs)))) to you! Your day sounds worse than mine :o(
I am so glad we don't have to depend on THAT feed company any more - yet another benefit of BD...

Alesha said...

{{{hugs}}} praying tomorrow will be better. :)


pippinsmum said...

How soon is the surgery?

Tia said...

Ten days.

Rosie said...

Sorry things are tough and frustrating. Hope things get better soon. Hugs to you and yours. Rosie JK

Fiona said...

It sounds really, really tough and stressful. Did you get a chance to look into postpals at all?

I will be thinking of you.

pippinsmum said...

Will pray for your Little princess, that God may take care of her and give the surgeons wisdom. May God uphold you Tia.x


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