Friday, 12 August 2011

Words from the Princess

I've been very tired today; the Little Princess has been ministering to me by bringing cups of water for me to drink and revelling in unlimited control over the computer. She's also been pretty good at finding things for her and Mog to play with, spending at least an hour carefully covering a piece of paper with stickers to make a beautiful hat.

Lying down pretending to be asleep, I was a little worried by her claims to have a "Smash". Very insistent that she had a smash, but since I'd not heard the telltale crash tinkly crump "sorry, Mummy sorry" which usually accompanies overenthusiastic driving, I stayed still waiting for her to go away. Eventually I opened my eyes to see her with a towel wrapped around the lower half of her face. "Look Mummy, I got a smash!" Oh, a Mustache!

Having finished her hat, I was then slightly surprised to hear her ask "Where I can defecate, Mummy?" Sophisticated request; I heaved myself up to find the commode. Only to find her waving a pile of stickers and freshly sharpened pencils at me "Mummy, I defecated my hat, now where I can defecate next?" No sweetheart, you mean decorate.

It's been that kind of a day really. We finished it all three of us cuddled together, watching an ancient Escape To The Country. tLP decided we should cut the house featured out of the ground and transplant it to our flat, so we could live there without leaving here. I like her logic.

Leaving her in the bathroom as I went to sort the meds, she called to me. "Goodbye, Mumma, I am moving house tomorrow. I will go and live with my Auntie." OK, I thought; which Aunt? Victoria in Tanzania, Yvonne in Scotland? Nope, the Auntie who lives in the same town as Grannie and Grandad (NB - we live in the same town as Grannie and Grandad). Hmm, Auntie Lou? Assorted Great Aunts, and one Great Great Aunt? Nope, "I will live with Auntie Lynn."

Last I heard, "Auntie" Lynn was clearing out the television room - I give it until the dog decides to say hello, but oo the peace is tempting!



Alesha said...

such a lovely picture of the 2 of you!!! :) thanks for sharing it!

Sara said...

I'm sure she would miss you in seconds. Beautiful photo. Xx

Tia said...

Lovely isn't it? Helen House special; a disc full came in the post yesterday.

Mindo said...

LP is so sweet!

I hope you are feeling less tired.

weavers&whatnot said...

Beautiful photo! You may be exhausted but you'll seldom be bored with LP around.


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