Sunday, 4 March 2012

Keeping Busy

Shortly before Christmas, I had a long day off. Mum and I leapt into my bus, and zoomed off to IKEA - more square boxes to slot under the girls' beds, more storage generally, and mmmm meatballs.

I bought two enamel bins to store my flour in. Marvellous. Except that I somehow managed to buy small bins and large lids. Not so wonderful, especially as I only discovered this after I had carefully removed and destroyed all the packaging.

Earlier this week, I had a long day off. Finished helping to pack tLP's stomach with seaweed and then Mum and I zoomed off to IKEA once more. More boxes. Always more boxes. And mmmm meatballs, except oh wait? Duck Confit? Very nice, thank you. And then a cunning plan - buy two large bins with two small lids, get home and have a matched set of four. All set, short detour for fish paste and frozen meatballs, and home James.

To discover that I now have two large bins, two small bins, and four medium sized lids. These are the times which try men's souls.

I'm hopeful that tLP will be back in school at some point in the not too distant future. Anyone want a trip to IKEA?



AlisonM said...

ME ME ME!!!!!!!

Sara said...

Would love one x

Danni said...

Ooh, I want a trip to Ikea. I love the meatballs :D

*Adds it to the list of places to visit as soon as I have a wheelchair I can sit in without getting ill :P

James said...

When in Wales am very close to Cardiff IKEA, so can do little drop in shopping / returning trips if needed...


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