Saturday, 25 February 2012


This is a P-pod. And now I think we're in trouble.
Because this is where Mog has been all day
and she has no interest in moving.

It's not a fancy, custom moulded P-pod, just the standard version. I was hugely skeptical; despite the photo it's actually quite a deep bucket seat, and she tends to prefer a wide angle at her hips. But it was dropped off on Friday morning for us to try, I plonked Mog into it after school on Friday, and she has stayed there all her waking hours ever since.

The Little Princess is unimpressed. She is the one who has had the surgery, she is the one who keeps getting lovely cards and parcels in the post; everything nice should be hers by right. And she is very upset that Miss Mog is not willing to let her have a turn, even if she covers her feet in Princess Stickers. This brings Mog huge pleasure (the upsetting tLP, not the stickers. Ah sisterly love).

If you can't click the link, then know that it is a glorified beanbag. It's possible to have the seating shell custom moulded to fit your child, but this is a standard P-pod; a beanbag with a very soft but stiff insert which lets the child plonk but keeps them from the worst kinds of arching and twisting and suffocating on the beans. It's not as huge as I'd imagined it would be, although I have no idea what size this one is. You can I think move the shell to adjust from a more upright position to a flatter one, although the angle this one arrived at seems to suit Mog well. Longer term, I think she needs a little pillow for her head but the ever present fleece does a good job for now.

Our OT dug it out of stores; it looks like new. Which is a shame, as it means we probably can't justify a new cover. Well, not until this one's been properly polluted anyway. Where's the Movicol?



pippinsmum said...

It looks good, Mog looks comfy, what;s not to like? Any chance of one for tLP?

Ashley said...

Ohh, I want one!

Danni said...

I also want one. I dread to think what they cost though. I'm probably going to have to stick to bed and sofa with a billion cushions until I've seen wheelchair services :-)

Tia said...

Wouldn't work for tLP - too static! But she can sit on most things so doesn't really need one.

Cost - I think they are aroundv £500 which is pricey but cheaper than most specialist disability stuff.

Anonymous said...

Has the cat discovered it yet?! Wilf seems to think Matthew's is his (3rd!) bed! Has a great vantage point in it to look at the window and woof at anyone going past!


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