Tuesday, 17 July 2012

Friendship is the Mother of Invention

We like cousins. Cousins are great. Cousins know the same relatives you know, and they share the same Grannie and Grandad, and they know where the toys are kept in Grannie and Grandad's house, and they come with a Daddy/Uncle which is very very cool.

But friends, friends come with an overfamiliarity with the ways of the wheelchair, an understanding of what might be possible, and the guts, creativity, or stupidity, not quite sure which, to find ways to ensure everyone gets to join in and have fun.

I just love the way that these two include the Little Princess. It's not a question of adapting games so that she can join in, although they do that too, without even thinking about it; it's finding things to do you couldn't possibly manage to do without a Little Princess. It's something more than inclusion; completion maybe?



Anonymous said...

That looks like FAB FUN!!! K x

Alesha said...

We call that game "crack the whip". tLP could have some wicked fun if she realized what happens to the little guy at the end!!! ;)

What priceless fun!

Mama B said...

Looks great fun!


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