Friday, 29 March 2013


Happy Birthday, Little Princess!

I love the way you work so hard at your reading.

I love the stories you write down in your best handwriting.

I love your honesty and the way you don't hesitate to share your opinion, but also how you freely apologise when you see any errors you might have made.

I love how much you love your friends, and your ability to make friends with children and adults of all ages.

I love your determination and independence.

I love how you are able to try out new things, yet still enjoy some of the presents you had for your second birthday, the first birthday you shared with us.

I love how you find ways to include your sister in everything, just as your school friends dance around finding ways to include you in every way.

I love your arms around my neck, your body snuggled close to mine, your breath whispering loving nothings into my ears day after day after day.

I love you, my beautiful fairy princess birthday girl!


Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday, Little Princess!
K xx

Anonymous said...

Happy 8th Birthday, Little Princess!

Ann in Virginia, USA

R said...

Happy Birthday, Little Princess! I hope you have a wonderful day.

Lisa B said...

Belated happy birthday greetings, (not so) Little (any more) Princess. I hope you had a great day.

pippinsmum said...

Belated Happy Birthday greetings to a beautiful Princess


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