Friday, 1 March 2013

Friday blends.

No-blend breakfast.
250mls milk
150mls fruit smoothie (innocent acai berry)
30g four grain baby porridge.

This is our lazy breakfast, our holiday breakfast, our "oops it's early let's not wake the neighbours" breakfast. Very easy and straightforwards. I was worried about low protein but after looking at the week's food, I think I can stop worrying. We may use this even more often than we already do, or pre-mill some of the readybrek and weetabix but stick to the silent mornings.

Tea (and lunch tomorrow).
1 tin sardines in oil, with the oil.
1 big tin sweet corn.
1 large slice Chinese cabbage.
1 large slice nice bread (sourdough?).
Extra water to blend.

Thick, tasty, full of goodness. No clementine because I forgot to add it.


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