Saturday, 1 June 2013

Thanks be to Grannie

Who has made a much better job of neatening the rats nest than I could have managed.

And who was happy to celebrate with St Clements at the Boundary House.

TLP is struggling a bit. As with her two previous big ops, she thought that going home would mean "all better." It doesn't; she is still less than two weeks out from having had two surgeons slice her back open, screw rods into her neck and pelvis, and ease her spine back into a position closer to where it should be. She has stitches and steristrips and bruising. It's sore. It will be for a while. And she doesn't know how to deal with that. Home, but not able to leap back into her full activities. Pain, but not enough to be in hospital. It's hard. And she's scared that it will hurt like this forever.

But inbetween pained activity and enforced rest, she enjoyed a little trip to drink cocalola in the sun.

Life can be both hard and good, and often both at once.



Anonymous said...

Boy, she sure looks good--sitting up so tall.
That has to be frustrating--being home and wanting to do all she can and feel better--but then to her her body is not cooperating.
Praying for you both--

Anonymous said...

Hair looks fab A. Kxxx

MOM2_4 said...

Hard possition to be in, the waiting is so hard. I'm sure cocalola in the sun went a LONG wa to helping fee better. Hugs & prayers to all to you.


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