Sunday, 1 September 2013

Happiness is

Different things to different people (to a singer, it's a yeah, yeah yeah; to a preacher, it's a prayer prayer prayer). 

To a friend it's excellent news and a new phase in her life. To her friends and family, it's big sparkly smiles. 

To a child, it's a dress, lovingly made by three girls together. And a pile of birthday presents to give to a Grannie. 

To me, it's a fixed computer, and even more than that, it's the discovery oh photos on my phone which is somehow missed when I took them.

And a photo demonstrating what happiness means to two loving friends who live too far apart. For some of us, the day this photo was taken might have represented disappointment. A day for families to come together, and yet we needed to take refuge in our tent against the rain. Disappointment maybe. But not for them. 

And then of course other memories of the sane day, of discovering a familial resemblance between a friend and a campsite's pet alpacas (sadly no photo). Laughter, shared jokes, and two children free to hold each other when no longer restricted by gravity. 

That's what happiness is. (Earworm, anyone?). 


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