Wednesday, 4 September 2013

Love Quilts

Way back around the start of the year, we were lucky enough to grab an open spot and sign Mog up for a Love Quilt. is an amazing place. 

Over the past eight months, we've watched and been excited to see Mog's quilt open for stitchers, and then to watch the stitched squares come in. 

Slowly, the quilt has become more visible as different people have sent in their finished masterpieces. And then the squares were sent to a wonderful quilter, to be transformed from a pile of aida into the most beautiful creation I've ever seen. 

The quilt was delivered to us this morning, just in time to take it with us for a stay at Helen House. 

It's beautiful. It's a Love Quilt. Stitched with love by friends and strangers, locally and from around the world. 
I don't know who the homeschool cross stitchers group are, nor where in the USA they are from. But I can imagine them being a group of girls a similar age to Mog, getting sore fingers as they learn to respect the embroidery needles, passing the square around and learning about tensions and techniques, and all for a girl they know nothing about. Kirsten, Kate, Trinitee, and Sophie; thank you. 

I do know a number of the other stitchers, and thank you both to those I do know and those I don't; I know it was a real sacrifice of love. 

To Kat and Gaynor who run Love Quilts, to Valerie for her wonderful quilting, and to all those who have donated fabric or funds for supplies; thank you. 

I have made blankets for Mog in the past. But this is exquisite. And so humbling to think about the many many hours of work which has gone into it. 

We're at Helen House now. Mog's had a bit of a difficult summer, and we're all three of us very ready for a break. But snuggled up under her Love Quilt, Mog has gone straight to sleep even in a strange bed, with the noises of the hospice surrounding her. 

Thank you. 
Tia (And Mog). 


Anonymous said...

It's gorgeous!
K x

Sara x said...

It's truly beautiful x

Gaynor said...

Glad you like it :)

The Home School Group is run by Lisa Eisner (one of the LQUK stitchers) and she has been getting them into cross stitch and embroidery. I think they are based on the East Coast of the USA somewhere

pippinsmum said...

Tia, that is beautiful. Mog is truly blessed


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