Sunday, 20 October 2013

The good, the bad, and the ugly.

Apparently in irreversible reverse order. Thanks, blogger. 

Here's the ugly. 
What is it? 
It appeared in our fish tank yesterday. No new plants or other additions for the past 6 weeks. And yet it was suddenly sitting on the log. I'm assuming its been lurking somewhere growing gently, but that still doesn't answer the what is it? 

The bad
From three snails came three hundred. Anyone want some water snails? What do we do with them? 

And the good. 

A long time ago, we relieved friends of twelve guppies from their seriously crowded tank. 
The guppies slowly faded away, aided by the addition of new fish which promptly went belly-up, until we were left with three hardy specimens, all apparently male. 

Last night I noticed one of them was seriously vast, and either badly constipated or deeply pregnant. Making mental notes to dig out the nursery net, I went to bed. 

 And this morning, lots of babies! 

So I'm guessing conditions in the tank are finally sufficient to support growth, which is excellent. But is the alien insect thing going to eat all the fry? 


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hilary MCKAY said...

I am not sure, but it looks like a dragonfly nymph or something of the sort (damselfly?). If so, it may possibly eat some of your baby fish and also some of the very small snails (certainly the eggs). I think it will be as interesting as the fish for tLP and Mog to watch, whatever it is.


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