Sunday, 19 January 2014

Cracking on.

So we woke up this morning and cracked on with our usual Saturday stuff. A slow start, a lazy potter, pleasure at Mog waking unexpectedly early, and then I lifted tLP from the loo to the bench and our day's plans shattered. 

One normally stiff and contracted leg now feeling crunchy like a bag of gravel. Hot, swollen, but as tLP has no feeling in her legs, no obvious pain. 

A call to grandparents for reassurance, and a call to very lovely friend who was able to look after miss Mog for the morning, and off we toddled to the local hospital for an x ray. Just to rule anything sinister out. 

Two hours later, and one very surprised nurse and equally surprised radiographer could see the very very evident and pretty nasty fracture which had snapped tLP's femur and which was now attempting to shorten her leg even more than it already was. 

No bruising, no marks, no falls or bumps and no reported accidents at home or school. 

So tLP got one of her long held wishes, and won a ride in an ambulance, together with flashing lights and siren. 

I'm not quite sure why there was such a rush to get her to hospital, since it then took another 8 hours to find her a bed, but still, she was happy. 

Meanwhile our awesome respite place agreed to take Mog (apologies to anyone who lost respite today), and I was fee to stay with tLP. 

A surgeon, a plan, and a consent form. Traction overnight, and then surgery in the morning. 

And then finally arrival on the ward, and a different surgeon, and a new plan. Two weeks in traction and no surgery. 

I'm not sure how feasible this revised plan is. I'm not sure it is based on tLP's needs. But 10.30pm not the time to argue it. I can't see two weeks flat on her back being a good thing for her chest, her pressure sores, or her emotional health; hospital being such a stressful environment for her. That said, if it is in her longer term interests, we will have to find a way to make it work. 

Meanwhile, it is late, she's asleep, and I think I should try to switch my mind away from all the how-did-it-happens and the what-will-we-dos, and into the I-may-not-have-sheets-but-I-have-a-flat-surface-and-a-pillow mode. 

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Caz said...

I hope that there is good discussion and understanding and that you are not put in the position of having to fight for tLP's other needs to be met.


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