Tuesday, 14 January 2014

Looking good

Here's a sight we haven't seen for a very long time - no face furniture at this time of day! Ok so she had a brief hour back on CPAP after lunch, but this is her second long break from it in one day. 

It's early days, but I think this tonsillectomy thing might just have helped! 

And, on an entirely unrelated note, this is the centre of my hone town. Have I said how much I love living here? 



Anonymous said...

Great to see her smile again, hope it continues.

Linda said...

You must be very happy to see your girl minus face furniture!

Danni said...

Awesome photo! Go Mog!

pippinsmum said...

Wow, operation over, on the way to recovery, prayers answered, praise The Lord.

MortimerBones said...

Good news!!!

PMD Peter said...

Really glad that it seems to have helped. Enlarge tonsils are a nightmare for many reasons. We had a different child returned to us many years ago when 'Ak' had his out. Hope she can extend the hours without the CPAP to full day.

PMD Peter


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