Friday, 11 April 2014

Bright Ideas.

This is a suction pump. 
For those not in the know, it's a Hoover type device we use to suck snot and slime out of Imi's nose, mouth and throat, to help keep her airway clean. Sorry. 

This is a suction pump bag. 
It is grey, utilitarian, discreet. Subtle maybe? Boring, definitely. For the last five years at least, it has hung from the back of Imogen's wheelchair, ready for use in an instant. Life saving at times, comforting always, a part of our lives. 

The grey isn't bad. When Imi has had black and silver wheelchairs, it has looked nicely coordinated. But now her chair is a riot of pink and purple, and subtle doesn't begin to come into it. Bright girlie colours for a girl who doesn't always have the breath to shout, but who always wants to make her presence known. 

So when Carrie-Lou (from asked if anyone might be interested in testing out a jazzed up version, we were first in line. 

And here it is 
Just in case anyone was in any doubt about who was the lucky owner: 
The pictures don't do it justice. Butterflies, dragonflies and hearts in tones which match both wheelchair and Love quilt, on side pockets and end pockets, and, as a special extra, a
zippered hidden pocket inside meaning I can put my purse and keys somewhere safe and leave my bag at home. 

Here it is in action on our day out today. 
Not the straightest or most focused or photos, but the only rear view I have right now! 

Here it is on Carrie-Lou's website. 

Carrie-Lou has also made some of the girls' button pads - check out her Minions if you get the chance! 

Thank you Carrie-Lou; you've turned something utilitarian into a thing of beauty and a joy for us all. 



Unknown said...

Awww you guys have made my day :D So glad you like it and i've made an entry on one of my favourite blogs :D

Unknown said...

That is soooo pretty would love a handbag or general change of clothes bag in case of little boy accident bags :)

Anonymous said...

Yay! What's the (new?) wheelchair? It doesn't look like a Chunc anymore? Hope it's excellent.

Tia said...

It is a Mojo High Dependency with a foam carved seat (our wheelchair services do their own custom carves).

It is both excellent and hideous! Excellent because the pull-out tray underneath has space for ventilator, nubile set, vast array of emergency medications, oxygen cylinder and food. And hideous because it is an absolute beast to push!

The Chunc was much easier to push - but, even with equipment tray, we still needed to carry a wheeled bag with all her medical supplies. And we had so much piled on the back it tipped up as soon as she got out. This one is stable no matter what. And she is comfortable. I'm not sure how we will push it on grass when we go camping, but I'm hoping we will gather an army of helpers!

Danni said...

So prettyful! Imi has excellent taste.

pippinsmum said...

That's beautiful, hope she is feeling better now.


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