Tuesday, 13 May 2014

A Walk in the Cotswolds.

Ignoring the weather forecast, and failing to check the traffic reports (with hindsight, a mistake), we set off for another tramp around the Cotswolds. 
A Roman Villa discovered after a mad scramble through a poorly planned diversion (sending pedestrians onto the railway line instead of over the bridge seems a little excessive, even if the road is being used by lorries and diggers). 

Walking through a field of very stare-y cattle. Who turned out to be less fearsome and more friendly, once we were the other side of the fence. And who lined up for head scratches and petting. And then somehow managed to open the gate (not our fault; we used the stile!) and try to follow us. 

Stepping inside this 14th Centuary church, and finding wall paintings.
600 years as a house of God. 

How many weddings, Christenings, funerals, confirmations as this church hosted? How many times have Christians gathered to take communion, how many prayers have been uttered here? 

Round and along and down a bit, and into Blenheim Great Park. 
Walking with stile! 
Lots of Spring lambs, all nearly old enough to play alone, but all running for Mum when the scary walkers got to close. 

Along the Oxfordshire way, through ancient woodlands 
Up a ladder and down the wall, through rape fields 
Along another Roman road, then back up a final hill to Stonesfield and the car. 

Home, with sun-kissed faces, and aching legs, in time to watch the heavens open and enjoy a rather beautiful double rainbow. 

This walk http://www.oxfordshirecotswolds.org/dbimgs/Walk_AONBStep3.pdf
More or less, with a little bit of a longer loop around Blenheim to enjoy a picnic lunch by the lake, and with a slight short cut at the end to make it home before the school bus. Still, 9.5 miles in beautiful countryside, and mostly only ourselves within sight. Lovely. 


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