Sunday, 25 May 2014

Amana's Amazing Pudding

Recorded here, for posterity. 

Take one large packet of digestive biscuits, remove six, crush the rest and mix with 2/3rds of a 250g block of butter. Press into base of an 11 inch pie dish. 

Next, take 400g cream cheese, one can condensed milk, and juice and zest of one fat round lemon. Blitz until smooth, pour onto the biscuit layer. Chill

Pause to thoroughly lick cheesecake bowl. 

Put 1/2 a pint double cream into a saucepan over a low heat. Add 150g plain chocolate and stir until melted. Drizzle in a good glug or so of Baileys, to taste. 

Pour over the chilled cheesecake layer, gently so it doesn't get mixed in. 

Slice strawberries and put them on the chocolate layer. Leave gaps for M&Ms, but then realise you accidentally bought the peanut M&Ms and you don't like them. Leave gaps as decoration. 

*Make your mother (who has assisted with pouring, slicing and strawberry placement) carry it round to Grannie and Grandad's house. Chill in their fridge whilst eating roast pork and asparagus.

Slice and spoon to serve. Taste. Decide chocolate layer is too grown up for you. Watch, baffled, as the adults all fight for it. 


*this step optional. 


Anonymous said...

yum. yum. yum. yum (etc etc)
K x

pippinsmum said...

Sounds yummy, but I reckon I might get kicked out of WW.

Anonymous said...

This is very close to a cheesecake recipe that was (and probably still is) popular in the US. Ours was poured into a graham cracker crumb/butter/sugar crust, and then a can of your choice of pie filling was poured on top of the chilled cheesecake. (You can surely tell from the above description that this was an easy cheesecake recipe, if you needed to have one to eat quickly and didn't feel like going through the traditional cheesecake-making process using cream cheese, eggs, etc and then the baking/cooling!) I LOVE your "grown up" chocolate layer and strawberries, though, and might have to make this old recipe again soon - YOUR way! I like that your recipe calls for pausing to lick the bowl, too. :-) Sorry that Amana went through all of that work (with a bit of Mom's assistance, of course) and then didn't like it, but tell her that I think her recipe sounds absolutely delicious and I'm going to make it and tell everyone it is Amana's Amazing Pudding!

Ann in Virginia


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