Monday, 30 June 2014

Lands End to John O'Groats, via Facebook.

 605 miles (if you go in a straight line), a virtual race, with postcards every 50 real miles. Mostly exercise biked, often whilst watching television in the evening, but also walking this beautiful countryside with a friend and her mad chaos beasts.
 Old English churches
 Radley Lakes
 Mad chaos beasts of mud and destruction and maypole dancing.
 Nearly there!
 A farewell to Didcot Power Station, due for demolition this weekend.
 A final walk in the woods

 And the view from my 605th mile (and yes, those are neck high nettles)!

My medal (hanging from the trusty steed). 
605 miles, through virtual countryside via postcards, and through all too real and muddy countryside, but never through the rain. It's been fun, and motivating, and now I need the next challenge to keep me from sitting still.

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