Monday, 17 September 2007

Fish Out Of Water

Little Fish was a fish in water this morning, swimming merrily at hydrotherapy. One very happy Little Fish. She is not going to be anywhere near as happy from now on though. The childcare arrangements I had ready for next week have just fallen through, meaning that she's now going to be ferried to us in hospital first thing in the morning (about an hour before she'd usually wake up) and be ferried home later (for her) at night to try to settle without me before repeating the process every day for ten days in a row. Marvellous.

Mog also enjoyed her swim. Just as well, since it'll be the last one she has for a couple of months now. She's going to be a fish out of water for a very long time - not just no actual water, no swimming, no bathing, no showering for six weeks, but also no bouncing, no standing, no being jiggled and tickled and instead being held rigid and immobile. Not looking forwards to that.

This morning I had an exciting envelope in the post. Cardboard backed, I thought a friend had sent me some photos. Instead, it was three death certificates for Goldy. Thanks, world.



Trina said...

Ugh Tia....Sorry those arrangements are so messed up. Hopefully it won't be as bad as it seems right now. Praying for the surgery to go smoothly and then a smooth transaction after.

I know its going to be a LONG 6 weeks but no worries! I'll keep ya company :0)

Thats so awful to be expecting pictures and then instead be caught off guard by the death certificates and of all things...3?? So sorry girlie.

Hang in there...


Tina said...

I just don't know what to say. Sending you all our love. I don;t understnd why you are having such a heavy load to bear right now but I do know that
God is holding you and loving you and knows every need you have.
Praying for you constantly and please if there is anything that would make your life a little happier let me know!
With Love

Trina said...

Still praying girlie. Can't wait for you and "I" to get home from the hospital. I have an award for you once you get home. Stop by and pick it up.


Alesha said...

Tia, sorry about the unexpected mail delivery. Necessary, I guess, but stinky nonetheless.

I hope your Mog is healing. I know it's been a struggle. Doug and I will be praying for God's intervention on her behalf.

You've been much in my thoughts, but I had no way of reaching you, so I'm glad to find you via Trina.

When you get home from this hospital stay, you might ought to wear long sleeves, as your elbows are going to be incredibly dusty!

I understand a little...after our hospital stay and Isaac's decline, people ask how he's doing...but they really don't want to know. They just want you say, "he's fine" so they will feel better for having asked.

Feel free to drop by my blog anytime to message me with any rant, rave or whine you need to get off your chest! Or email me from the list. I'd like to be an understanding ear if you need one.



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