Sunday, 16 September 2007

Oh where and oh where did Tia go?

Sometimes, life hates me. I don't think I have done anything particularly awful - fair enough, I haven't necessarily done anything particularly wonderful either, but there comes a time when there is surely enough going on in life already. And then, wham!, more gets piled on. I can't remember who it was who said the right question was not "why me" but "why not me" when this all happens, but I'm pretty sure I could justify an exemption on the grounds of my plate already being dangerously overfull. Big problem? No not really, my internet connection collapsed on me and it's taken until tonight to get it back together again. Even now I'm not sure what worked to fix it; I turned on the computer to get Trina's email address since from the other side of the pond I'm sure I appeared to vanish without trace, and lo and behold instead of an email address my connection was back and I managed to have a conversation instead! Woohooo!

Plenty more elbow polishing going on at church and elsewhere. You know what? If I back away from you don't keep chasing me; I keep ending up being trapped in a corner. If I'm moving away from you then please think about what you're saying to me. Support is great - reminding me of how horribly my daughter must have suffered is less helpful.

Meanwhile Little Fish has been perfecting the art of using her powerchair. I say using rather than driving advisedly; I don't call it driving when you use the chair to power through the wall rather than the door, or to take the sliding door off the hinges. Fun times. Tantrums yesterday because I decided she WOULD learn to drive it so made her sit in it and left her to it. Tantrums today because I decided that despite the fact she was now loving to drive it, she would probably not be most welcome at creche as a toddler in a poorly controlled tank. The thought did entertain me, especially when coupled with visions of the little angels in creche who specialise in pulling out Little Fish's feeding tube in the interests of exploration...

Now I have to try to organise ourselves for a fortnight away. Mog has surgery on Friday, we'll be in hospital for ten days (2 different hospitals), then on to our children's hospice to recuperate. Little Fish is going to have to divide her time between hospital and my parents, who she has now taken to calling Gaggy and Daddy. Makes me smile anyway.

This week we have appointments Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday before heading for hospital on Thursday afternoon. I'm not sure what my internet access is going to be like. Please forgive the less than scintillating post, I wanted to update people as quickly as possible.

Take care

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