Thursday, 15 November 2007

Bob the Builder Quick Quiz

Bob came by on Monday to drop off his tools, prepare his workspace, and begin to finish his mammoth project.

It is now Thursday.

Is my house
a) nearly finished with just one day's worth of work before we can begin to adjust to a world where we are not constantly waiting for Bob?
b) halfway done with a project that will take a couple more days than originally planned but still well on track to be finished before the end of the month?
c) covered in builder's tools which were abandoned on Tuesday when Bob's mate became suddenly unwell and had to be rushed away?

In the two half days where Bob was here, did he
a) achieve a large part of what he set out to do?
b) make a good start on what he set out to do?
c) get side tracked, mow my lawn, trim my hedges and pick a big pile of apples for me?

Will Bob be back
a) tomorrow, without fail?
b) Monday?
c) after the two week holiday he and his partner have booked which begins on Monday?

Still, it wasn't all loss. I now have 6lbs fruit jam, 15lbs frozen applesauce, and a good bucket of apples to turn into apple butter. I had a lovely peaceful two days with my good friend, without the distraction of bangs and clatters from Bob and Bob's mate. My garden is mostly tidied ready for winter.

But, but, I want the work finished!


Alesha said...

I'm thinking that "c" is the correct answer for all the questions?????

Oh, my, what a mess! I don't suppose he's a member of England's equivalent to the Better Business Bureau is he? So that you could let them know what was going on?

It sounds like he's just gets to missing you and the girls occassionally and needs to drop by for a few days to visit!!! Then he creates jobs for himself to ensure a constant welcome!:-)

Sigh...I think he's just lucky you're used to working with the government (aka - fostering and adopting, etc.), and so therefore are not used to anything happening in a hurry!!!!!

I'm glad you had a good visit with your friend. Praise the Lord for good friends - those who come for a visit and those far away who "drop in" to visit our blogs!


Lauren said...

Hmmm I'm gonna guess c on all counts?! Glad you had a couple of peaceful days though and a good crop of apples! x


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