Saturday, 24 November 2007

Talking in sentences

I'm so proud. Little Fish has combined four whole words to make a sentence. Not only that, but has articulated the final sound in all the words, rather than her usual trick of doubling up on the first or last syllable (e.g. bu bu for Bus).

Now we've had two or three word combinations for a while "Nee cuh guh" which is either need chocolate or need a cuddle, depending on whether fingers are pointing at the mouth or arms outstretched. We've had two words and a sign combined for a while now too - signing "where?" and saying "Ba ba gone" - "where has the baby gone?". We've had long strings of babble into the telephone when it's switched off (and, entertainingly, mad panic when it rings or when someone is on the other end and trying to talk to her). But a whole four word sentence and all spoken clearly enough that anyone would understand it, that's pretty much a first today. Big celebrations all round.

Oh the sentence?
You want to know what she said?

"Mummy did a POOO!".

I'm so proud.


Alesha said...

LOL!!! What an awesome accomplishment for Little Fish!!! Yay!!!

And she was considerate enough to make that first sentence completely memorable!!!!!


L said...

LOL!! Very proud of you little fish!


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