Friday, 30 November 2007


We buried my daughter today.
It was a beautiful service and although not an easy day, I cannot think of anything which could have made it better. And I can think of lots of ways in which it could have been a lot worse. I'm not sure what happens now; we've spent the past three months gearing up to this day and now it's over and done.

I suppose now we start to get on with the business of living life without her.


Tina said...

Jut ant to send another hug...Goldy will always be your daughter her plac in your heart will be filled with mmories and the happy ones will gradually crowd out the less happy.
It was a beauiful service and Eve appreciated the shared special Hymn! Eve spent a large part of the Service kissing the photo on the front of the order of Service.
I was so thrilled to hea the Curate explain salvation.
You take care. Love and hugs

Anonymous said...

It has been on my mind that perhaps I have not said the right words .. or enough of them ..

Not an easy day as you say , but one that you got through with dignity and grace.

life goes on ... and in our memories and our hearts so does your precious Goldy.

our minds will be occupied with as you say the *business of living life * but we will never forget how our hearts were touched and so many smiles were brought to us by your beautiful girl.

May she rest in peace.

S xx

akconklin said...


I want to write something really brilliant and comforting and spiritual.

I can't think of a darn thing.

I just want you to know that I am praying for you ~

*peace to get through each endless night
*joy in the little miracles that happen for you every day
*hope that happiness will come again to your heart
*tears to wash away the anger and hurt
*faith to continue trusting your Heavenly Father's heart

Much love and long-distance hugs,


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