Monday, 23 August 2010

Special Kids Camp 2010

Two small ones very happily shouting at each other. "Hello!" exclaimed Mog's switch, fruitily. "HeRROoOoooooOO!!!!!" replied her friend. And on. And on. And on and on and on and on.
And how can this boy be this tall now? The first Special Kids meet up I went to, he was a teeny tiny little boy with delicate, wispy hair. He wobbled over and plopped himself on my knee to watch the sheep over the fence.
One of our neighbours.
And a worryingly increasing breed of subterranean cyberman masquerading as a tent.
You just know it's going to rise up in the night and assimilate all within its path.
Good times.

Not great times; we came home a day early as Mog was ill. And by the time we got home she was really not very well at all. But, a lot of medication, a good medicinal chest-beating, a night on CPAP and a reasonable amount of prayer, and she woke up (eventually)


pippinsmum said...

How lovely that Mog can say 'hello 'to her friends, I hope she is soon better

Pagangracecat said...

Sounds like you all had a wonderful time. Welcome back home and to Mog a special "get well" prayer.

Doorless said...

So glad Mog is better and you all had a great time. Loved the Hello!


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