Friday, 6 August 2010

Time Out

Too much to blog about and too much not to blog and both at the same
time. So, rather than spending time which bits to write down, I
decided to step away from watching and concentrate on being.

This afternoon though it was definitely time to watch again. A silent
but windy camp, most adults at various seminars. Mog relaxing with her
iPod. And Little Fish attempting wordsearches and sudoku with a friend.

We'll be back home in a few days and then I'll try to put sonething
down here. But in the meantime, a brief hello from a very happy Tia
and family.

Much love to you all,


Tina said...

Well that is answered prayer for sure.

kitchu said...

that's a very nice sort of time out, isn't it?

(can i ask a question about LF's legs?? they look so much like E's, difference in length- unless it's just the angle of the photo)?

Tia said...

Ask away!

They are different lengths. Initially they were a different length because one hip was completely dislocated (the shorter leg). We had surgery to rebuild the hip joint and to pin the femur more firmly into place. I thought that would also fix the leg length discrepancy, as in my ignorance I assumed they would cut the tight muscles and tendons, pull the leg down and set the ball back into the socket. But instead they cut the femur shorter.

There were good reasons for doing this (apparently leaving it longer and chopping the muscles would have made it more likely that the hip would have been pulled out of place again), but as my only experience previously was of bilateral surgery, I didn't realise this is what they would do. So I told LF she was having surgery to make her legs the same length; instead one leg is now even shorter than before and she can no longer balance as easily on her knees (she can't walk or crawl anyway).



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