Sunday, 1 August 2010

Sunny Shepton Mallet

So rare I had to prove it.

So far, so good. Mild panic over missing poles, happily before we left
rather than after we arrived. Motorway closed, but we still made it
here by lunch time. A herd of young men descended to pitch the tent,
gallant women appeared with coffee and diversions for the girls, and
suddenly the mammoth pack might just have been worth it.

For those curious to know what we forgot, it was milk (ours not Mog's)
and matches. But with a self-igniting stove and coffee on tap just
next door we might just be set for the week.

It's a beautiful evening, Mog and C are off at evening praise, I'm
sitting outside the tent with a blissfully refreshing breeze cooling
my toes, all around are the sounds of fellow campers settling in. And
if it weren't for the fact that Little Fish is lying in the tent
screaming and sobbing about not being tired whilst simultaneously
being totally unable to keep her eyes open, life would be pretty



Tina said...

glad to see you have arrived safely.
praying LF settles quickly and you have time for some relaxatiin before the oter two get back.
Somthing so special about spending time with other Christians.

MOM2_4 said...

Sounds like a wonderful week ahead! Praying you have great weather and an even greater time of fun and fellowship.

Doorless said...

Enjoy! LF does sound tired. Hopefully, will settle quickly. Have a great time!

Hilary Beale said...

Hope you dodged todays showers!xx


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