Thursday, 30 June 2011

BookSneeze Review - A Reluctant Queen, by Joan Wolf

Having read and enjoyed Francine River's Lineage of Grace, I was interested to see how Esther's story could be re-told. Just how did a Jewish girl end up in a harem auditioning for the role of Queen, and what did the King see in her? How did Esther come to save the Jewish nation, and what did she feel about it all?

Joan Wolf brings the Persian Court vividly to life, and uses it as a backdrop to tell the compelling story of one girl's obedience to God and to her elders. A love story, and a lesson in trusting God no matter where He leads.

I'll admit, when this book arrived, I put it aside for a while. It didn't feel like the light reading I thought I needed at the time. But, I ran out of other reading matter and I opened it up. And I fell into a world painted so beautifully that two weeks later, I am still at home in the Palace and in the market place, with the young Esther giggling with her friends, and with Queen Esther, taking her life in her hands to plead for her uncle and her nation. I'm pleased I had respite that day, because Esther's world was far more gripping than my own, even though I already knew how the story would play out.

Joan Wolf has written a compelling book, and I can't wait to see whose story she chooses to tell next.

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Unknown said...

Esther is one of my favourite people in the Tanakh. It helps that she and the book named after her, are both associated with one of my favourite holidays. Will have to check this book out. Thanks for sharing.

AlisonM said...

Thanks for sharing - I thought i might download this one to read on holiday, but it is £9 something, which seems a bit expensive. Never mind.

Tia said...

Sorry about that -borrow mine? Or start blogging yourself and join booksneeze?

AlisonM said...

Excellent idea - you find it and I'll borrow it!! xxx

Pink (AKA Lucia) said...

I tried to apply at so I could read your book but they denied my application and I don't know why. Do you have any idea why?? Is there anything I did wrong or is there anything I should have done? Is there hidden strings attached aside from the 200 words summary? I don't understand. I really want to have the book you have so I could read it.

Tia said...

Really don't know I'm afraid! I applied and followed their directions, it took a couple of days for them to approve my application and I then downloaded my first book. Have you asked them?


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