Friday, 10 June 2011

War wound

It's good to know you can have surgery which isn't going to leave great visible scars. It's even better to know you can have surgery and bounce back as quickly as the Little Princess seems to be.

Lots of visitors today. A better appetite, and a brief hello from big sister Mog, moving between her respites.

Leaving tLP with Grannie and a plate of chocolate brownies (which they didn't save for me), I took Mog to her new respite place. Where she was pleased to see a school friend, and I was a little surprised to see one of my first foslings. He's grown a bit since he was the little boy I took camping in the snow one colder than planned church weekend.

Mog was very pleased to stay, and as I left, was nagging her carer to take her into the sensory room. She decided communication was going to be important, so made the effort to demonstrate her yes and no responses (plus a few minor seizures) whilst I was around to interpret. Clever kid.

Nothing major to report medically; side effects of the morphine have very definitely worn off, femoral line dressing has been changed successfully, temperature staying nicely stable and head pain being mostly controlled. Waves of pain and exhaustion seem to roll over her at random intervals, but between them she's still thrilled that the line is our of her hand.

Small one interrupting this post to say "can you help me to turn over, Mumma, I need to face you because you are a beautiful lady." how do you argue with that, even if you have just been mean and miserable and told her to settle down and stop talking?


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pippinsmum said...

Aaaaw, how cute, how could you resist that?


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