Tuesday, 7 June 2011

Day 2

One hot, tired, cross and very sore Little Princess now complaining of itchy toes and rods in her bottom. Morphine confusion? High temp? After effects of having people wiggle around in your brain? Who knows, but not fun.

One little girl definitely the loudest on HDU, now up on the ward where we have a nice little room to ourselves. Sadly not soundproof; the rest of the ward knows we are here. Happily there are only another six patients.

Sat up for 20 minutes at lunchtime, and managed to drive her own chair here (weepily) this afternoon. Impressed with the very big flat screen television on her bedroom wall; less impressed that people keep coming and poking and prodding at her. And noticing when we change which toe her probe is on which is impressive given her total lack of sensation in her feet.

Everything hurts nothing is right it is all my fault and she doesn't want me, but doesn't want me out of her sight either. This is I'm told a good sign; she is doing better than expected and better than most children one day post op. This we like.

We don't like the very limited pain relief options due to her other problems. We don't like the beep on the "press a button for morphine every 15 minutes" machine. We don't like having neuro obs and bright shiny lights and chest leads and thermometres and lots of lines and tubies.

We do like the iPad, although Mummy in unimpressed with her inability to sort out the wifi, having just handed lots of cash over to access it. We do like visitors as long as they don't touch. We do like one hand holding. But we don't like physios, and Mummy is struggling to understand the logic of having a complicated history taken in great detail and painstakingly entered into the computer on one ward, only to have to repeat the same info on moving wards because the computer systems are incompatible. And frustrated with the non-portability of drugs charts, and silly rules which state that if lactulose was written up at 2pm it must therefore be given at 2am, rather than morning and night.

But these are little things. She's well enough to be well hacked off. And this is good.



Order and Chaos said...

Prayers for a rapid recover Little Princess. Hope you and your Mummy are soon home with your big sister.

Anonymous said...

As a long term reader of your blog (I stumbled across it once and was captivated by your writing), I am praying for you all - that Little Princess has a rapid recovery, that Mog is soon reunited with her mummy and her sister and that God is with you all during this difficult time.

I was wondering if you had heard of the charity Post Pals? Through them you can send post to children in hospital or having a difficult time with their health - I thought that Little Princess may appreciate having a card or two.

Please tell LP that I'm thinking of her from France!

Lottie xxxx

PMDPeter said...

Lots of positive steps then, on the road to recovery. They must be happy if LP is now on a ward. Keep up the good work LP and get home soon.


Anonymous said...

Glad she's doing so well, but wish we could fast forward a while till the soreness and niggles have gone!
Get well wishes from us!
K x

pippinsmum said...

Glad she is well enough to complain, will be gladder when there is no pain and itchiness to complain about. She is brilliant! Give her a hug from me when allowed.

MOM2_4 said...

In some cases, this being one, complaining is a wonderful thing. Praying she will soon be past it and feeling more herself.

Hugs & Prayers to you both!! And lots of coffee & chocolate for YOU!!


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