Tuesday, 3 April 2012

A real Brainwave

Miss Mog please note; too much twitching will land you with a very unstylish hairdo. EEG time again. I don't know much about normal brainwave patterns, but I'm assuming the general overcaffeinated spider tracks across the computer screen are not your average reading. She didn't go to sleep - nine year olds tend not to do that in the middle of the morning (unless you've arranged for them to do something really exciting), but she did have a nice run of mild seizures; hopefully that'll be enough to pick up what needs to be noticed. I hope so, anyway, because really, Mog, this is a much better look on you.
My lovely glowing girl.



Sleepwalker said...

Hope she's okay and that the reading is useful. Looking very pretty with the flower in her hair.

Becca said...

That's a beautiful picture of Mog.

I was wondering if you had thoughts on the latest run of Shiny New Tech: switches that can be activated basically by thinking hard at them, without needing any physical movement whatsoever.


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