Tuesday, 17 April 2012


This week's fruit and veg box looks particularly appetising, perhaps because I now have the leisure to decide what to cook and when without a small voice informing me of what she does and doesn't want and like and need, and without the constant CBeebies chatter. It's almost enough to make me want a giant bowl of vegetable soup with a banana, mango, and pear smoothie to finish. Almost...

It is, however, really satisfying to be able to cook for all three of us these days. To take some fish from the freezer, add fresh potatoes and leafy greens, scoop some of that into Izzy the Whizzy, and know that all three of us are getting what we need from things I can see and touch and smell, not from a bland, artificially scented, powder.

Oily fish tonight with some nice dark leafy veg. Chicken yesterday, with roasted roots. Leek and potato frittata tomorrow perhaps. Antioxidants, omega oils, minerals, vitamins, natural fibre. Different colours, different smells, different feels in the stomach. One and a half of us will be getting food through a tube rather than chewing and swallowing, but why should that mean different food?

I must go; the veg box came with a recipe for Carrot Muffins and it is calling my name.


MOM2_4 said...

YUM is right!! Carrot muffins sound lovely, too.

Yvonne said...

Sorry to be a bit slow but how is Mog able to do this now, what has changed?

weavers&whatnot said...

Yeah, I missed that info too. When did Mog move off the all-special-milk diet? Sounds great anyway!

How's the wound healing going for the Little Princess?

Catherine said...

This post makes me very happy - because I feel the same!
C x

Tia said...

Hello family, sorry for not having let you know! She's still tube fed, but starting shortly before the school holidays we began moving her from all milk all the time to giving her the same as the rest of us, but whizzed down. Like weaning a baby I suppose. She's now completely off the milk, is enjoying a wide variety of different foods, and appears to be doing really well on it - happy, enjoying experiencing hunger and full stomach rather than constant drip, and is officially the heaviest she's ever been, whereas she had been losing weight on the milk feed.


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