Tuesday, 24 April 2012

Shrinking, changing, and generally improving.

 No this isn't about losing weight! Things here be changing. A new oxygen supplier, means that concentrator A (left) has been replaced with concentrator B (right), and if my photography skills were rather less rubbish, you'd immediately see that it is both half the size and capable of delivering nearly twice the litres per minute. It's also a fraction of the noise level. Hurrah! Although we won't get too excited about that bit, since it will shortly be replaced by a concentrator which is a third the size again, back to the original maximum delivery, and slightly noisier. But working on batteries and car batteries and with a very cool wheely handle thingy, so no more working out how many hours we have left in the tank before we need to go home. Excellent! (Linky here as don't actually have it yet to photograph.
  Our cylinders are not shrinking, not in quantity nor in size. But they are definitely changing. If you were a little girl with a rather beautiful mural on your bedroom wall, would you prefer the cool and dudy green and white, or boring brown and grey? Plus, the bigger green one has a handle which is actually comfortable to hold and easy to lift. We likey.

And meanwhile, another solution. What do you do when you have an identical button placed in your caecostomy and your gastrostomy, when you use identical extension tubes for feeding and pooing, and when you use identical syringes for bladder and bowel washouts?

Yes, we keep them in separate places and different boxes, but it's still too easy to confuse the issue. I'm thinking these new stickers ought to at least make it harder to get it wrong. Now, how unethical would it be to tattoo the small child in matching colours to really reinforce the point?



weavers&whatnot said...

Permanent marker pen? She could do it herself or get someone artistic to do beautiful pictures in the relevant colours? Could be redone on a regular basis.

We haven't yet let the Mancub loose with a sky blue marker, but he has wistfully told us how he really would like to have blue testicles like the male vervet monkeys

Anonymous said...

Or you could get some of that paper that you print temporary tattoo's onto.....

MOM2_4 said...

I'd go something less permenant than a tatoo, because my luck as soon as the tat was done the complany would change sticker colors!!


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