Wednesday, 13 June 2012

Hacked off

Just a very quick note to those who know our wider family. Please rest assured, Mum is not stranded in Barcelona without any money. Her email account has been hacked; please ignore this or any further communications from her, especially those suggesting you click on links, send money, or otherwise help her out in any way.

Unless, that is, you owe money for Guide Camp, in which case, could we please have the remainder ASAP! But through the usual channels (cheque/cash), not Western Union or anything else she's never asked you about before.

Meanwhile, my computer keyboard has not enjoyed having half a cup of coffee poured into it, and has taken to playing Abba whenever I hit the delete key, refusing to type certain symbols or change the volume levels. Blogs and other computer related activities may therefore be somewhat minimal until I have either persuaded it to dry out or taken a hammer to it and replaced it.


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