Thursday, 20 December 2012

Ups and downs.

Ups - beautifully timed and totally unexpected Toblerone delivery from a friend. Hurrah.

Downs - it's definitely disconcerting to have the car you're driving ask you to turn the engine on. Especially when combined with threats of potential automatic switch off.

Ups again - ginger biscuits always taste good.

Please forgive wonky order. Phone not cooperating.



Tina said...

Eeek hope that's not the electrics going wrong again.
I now have an urge to make to toblerone brownies.

Although autocorrects version could be useful if we go down the ketogenic diet route.

To ketone brownies.

Anonymous said...

may the chocolate continue! Happy Christmas form New Zealand. We hope to see you all soon in 2013. Love Jacky and Dave


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