Friday, 11 January 2013

Baked potato soup. For Alison.

I went to find the recipe I used, and realised how much I'd deviated from it. But it was good, very good, and so I'm writing it down before I forget it.

Melt one tablespoon of butter in a large pot. Dice a large white onion and fry gently until soft.

Meanwhile, take one head of garlic and slice the top off, leaving most of the garlic intact. Mince the clove tips you've just sliced off, and add to the onions after five minutes. Fry for another minute whilst boiling kettle.

Pour in about 1.5l stock (boiling water and bouillon cube if you're me), toss in the head of garlic (whole), and simmer until the garlic is soft.

Add the inside of one courgette, having used the skin to make ribbons for a veggie pizza which you will later forget to offer to your guests. Oops.

As the stock simmers, peel the potatoes (around 2lbs) quite thickly, saving the skins. Dice the insides.

When the garlic is soft, remove from stock, squish, discard skin and roots and put the pulp back in. Add the diced potatoes and simmer until potatoes are soft.

Turn oven to 220c. Put potato skins in baking dish, toss with oil, salt and fresh chopped rosemary to taste. Roast until crispy.

Mash or purée the potato soup, taking care not to over blitz if using a blender to avoid turning soup into glue.

Turn off, worry that stock was too salty. Leave to consolidate flavour for two hours whilst drinking coffee with friends. This step may be omitted.

Bring soup back to heat and stir in sour cream (a couple of heaped tablespoons maybe?).

Serve in bowls, adding potato skins in place of croutons.



Lisa B said...

Sounds yummy. Can it be done without the cream?

Caz said...

Gluten free crutons. Fantastic.

Tia said...

Try it. I found the stock was too salty so it added a bit of richness and took the salt away. For dairy free I might try a bit of coconut milk maybe, for lower fat perhaps some cream cheese or yoghurt. It was pretty good before I added it too - more herbs and less stock cube might have meant it wasn't needed.

Tina said...

Agree with Caz I love the gluten fee crouton idea.
What is the advantage of simmering the Clove hole rather than squishing it in the first place?

Tia said...

Don't know but it looks pretty! Was suggestion in a few recipes - you simmer it so the stock and pots take on the flavour but if you don't want it reeking of garlic you can simply not squidgy it all back in. I decided we liked garlic though!

Alison said...

Thank you!!!

It was delicious, and very much enjoyed. As I'm sure the veggie pizza would have

Thanks for a lovely couple of hours. xxxxx


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