Tuesday, 15 January 2013


A truly sociable weekend, one set of friends departing just as another set arrived, and a third set spending the night and binding the whole thing together.

The eternal joy of the doll's house, captivating children from two to twelve, (and providing a nicely out of sight dumping ground for countless tiny toys).

The pleasing discovery that the current placement of furniture in our sitting room gives us space for up to six children (including five wheelchair users) plus adults, all able to sit down at the same time, and some of them even at a table.

The satisfaction of being able to offer every visitor, including those with tummy tubes, something to eat, drink or squidge.

The delight in watching a two year old having made startling progress since our last meet.

The definite pleasure of being able to reach all the way into tLP's bedroom, having loaned out the spare powerchair.

The simple goodness of adult company when children are sleeping, helped out with extremely delicious curry.

The peace of mind which comes from wipeable floors and a working washing machine.

All good. And all tiring; excuse my lack of blogging.

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