Sunday, 27 January 2013

Essay on cats.

TLP spent the whole afternoon writing this. Much sharpening of pencils, checking of spellings, and questing for more to write.

Each new sentence admired and praised, all praise received with smiles and hugs and sparkly eyes.

And then, as I come back into the room to suggest taking it to school to show her teacher, because it is quite possibly her Best Ever bit of home writing, I found she'd ripped it up and thinks its rubbish.

I don't. But apparently telling her that makes me all wrong.



courtneycourtney said...

Thats AMAZING. Well done tLP :) (Even if it didnt make it to school...) x

Anonymous said...

wow, I am impressed by that .... though sad that her teacher won't get to see it.
K x

Anonymous said...

Wow! Great writing! Sad tLP doesn't agree :-(
C xx

Tina said...

How sad that she felt it wasn't good enough.
Joshua still does this now. Although he deletes it on the computer much to his English teachers despair
Could you print of the photo and show the teacher?

Mama B said...

AWESOME writing LP!

Yvonne said...

Maybe it was like a sandcastle and the fun was doing it.


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