Friday, 1 May 2020

Day 46.

Mood: better! Brighter. Sunshine always helps. Mood unsquelched despite the discovery that the caterpillars (or hairy danger noodles, Christened by a friend and how they shall henceforth be known)  have moved into the front garden and are crawling up the brickwork and taking shelter in the bin handles. Not good news at all, and at least thirty needed squishing. But I will take danger noodles and a brighter mood over a safe garden within the slough of despond.

No major jobs tackled today, no tidying, no planting. Minimal hands on therapy of any kind and only minor prodding towards anything vaguely educational. But everyone fed, everyone watered, all in bed at a reasonable hour and no major tantrums from any of us. That’ll do.

1 comment:

Caz said...

Thank you for continuing to write. I am still reading. I've no idea if that is of any use or interest to you but it feels rude of me not to to share my appreciation.


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