Monday, 11 May 2020

Day 56

Stay Alert, apparently. 

Staying very alert here, as we have had apocalyptic showers of dead poisonous caterpillars. New twist; having seen none for the past few days, it seems as though they had died out. Hurrah. Until high winds today dislodged then from the leaves and branches where they’d curled up to die, and rained them down on us as we attempted to use the garden. It seems a little unnecessary. 

Phone calls, news filtering through, clarifying and then contradicting Boris’ speech yesterday. Instructions to register A as shielded for a third time. Hospital, GP, County Council and the Vale all recognise her as shielded and all keen to make sure we stay that way. But the official site, which has sent us several letters stating that we are shielding, is still failing to recognise our details. Annoying. We appear to have been deleted. Let’s hope it’s third time lucky. 

Meanwhile, guidance finally on returning to school. No surprise that shielded children won’t be; as itbturns our, not will any siblings who cannot practice social distancing. So that’s both children at home until there’s a vaccine, not just one. I’m struggling with this. Carrying on as we are until September is daunting enough. But trying to continue to be D’s full time 1:1, educator, speech therapist, occupational therapist, and nurse whilst also continuing to be everything A needs, with now no end in sight, is daunting. Right now I feel as though I’m letting them both down. There is good in each day, but we are only really treading water. 


Anonymous said...

I’m just a long term follower of your blog, never commented before, but feel now is the time to send you best wishes and strength
I’m in NZ, currently have our 3 kids with Down syndrome at home, but about to negotiate the tricky balance of them returning to school/work/respite
I’m just beginning to realise we’re in for a long haul, even here where we seem to be on top of things for now

Valerie said...

Your children are blessed to have you - I know you do a fabulous job with them. But thank you for your honesty - it helps me pray for you better. Praying for the Lord’s grace and strength for you Xx


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