Tuesday, 5 May 2020

Day 50

Another day done. Verbena plantlings turned up in the post. I planted them, the boy took pride in stomping them down firmly into the ground and generally obliterating them. It passed the time. 

Our weekly shop arrived, I emptied most of it into the kitchen, then promptly emptied it out of the cupboards and onto plates for hungry children. 

Laundry was processed. Towels from the bathroom into the washing machine, dried, put back into the bathroom, used and promptly back into the linen basket. 

Beds were emptied, made, and will shortly be unmade and filled again. 

Cups and plates and cooking implements were removed from the dishwasher, put into cupboards, used, and put back into the dishwasher. 

Floors were hoovered and promptly covered with discarded crisps and cat food. 

The garden was covered with men replacing our upstairs neighbour's boiler. This did not hamper my boy's keenness to be in the garden, making for an interesting socially distant dance in an attempt to prevent him from climbing their ladders onto our roof. 

50 days. It feels significant somehow. But whilst we have no out date, we have nothing to count down towards. Are we halfway there? Barely started? 


Anonymous said...

Happy Mother's Day, Tia!

Ann in Virginia

Tia said...

Thank you! Ours is in March over here, but I appreciate the thought!


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