Tuesday, 12 February 2008

Embarassing moment number 24623

Little Fish calls my parents Gaggy and Daddy; she can't get her tongue around Grannie and Grandad. Daddy has now become her preferred term for all men, although there's a special emphasis on the word for her actual Grandad and for anyone who looks a little like him. Watching her whizz around supermarket aisles shouting for Daddy is a little embarrassing, but we've got used to that.

This morning she surpassed herself. Our school bus driver is a retired chap with a nice silvery head of hair, just like Grandad's. Little Fish likes to sit in our windowsill watching for the bus, and banged smartly on the window saying "Hiya bus" when it started backing down the lane.

Loaded her into her powerchair, popped her coat on, found Mog's coat and their school bags, and turned around to see Little Fish powering her way down the ramp from the front door and turbo charging her way up the road waving her non-driving hand with all her might and shrieking "HIYA DADDY!" at the bus driver.

I'm just pleased the neighbours know she's adopted.


MOM2_4 said...

hehe haha giggle giggle!! TOO funny!!!!

Virginia said...

So cute. What fun!

Lauren said...

:) Bless!


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