Wednesday, 13 February 2008

How quickly things can change

4PM we had a meeting here about Little Fish. Mog was on top form, laughing and shouting and kicking her teacher, making sure she got her point across.

5.30 we had an emergency Dr's appointment for Little Fish; her gastrostomy stoma is infected so she's got oral antibiotics as well as the topical one we've been using for a few days. Mog spends her time at the doctor's surgery having a lengthy run of seizures, but nothing out of the ordinary and recovers without needing her rescue meds.

6PM home and doing the bed thing; Mog enjoys a bit of a cuddle and settles down.

9.30 she's unhappy, not sore, not fitting, just can't get to sleep. So I give her her sedative.

1AM I get up to have a drink and can hear her whimpering quietly. Go in and she's got a temp of 39 (102.2F), and is gasping like a fish out of water. Double dose of paracetamol and ibuprofen, a saline neb (the neighbours must love me; sounds like we're drilling for oil so I try not to do that at night) and her temp has come down to 38C, I give her a wipe over with a wet flannel and confiscate her duvet, and am now just waiting for her to settle down to sleep again.

Side note. If you have a SATs Monitor, and if it is a small fingertip portable one, do remember that it needs to be read the right way up. 98% is MUCH better than 86%!

It's half term next week and we have a week off school. She might at least have waited until then to get ill. Grumble grumble whinge.

UPDATE: 6.30AM and whilst I don't think she's been back to sleep, her temperature is back to normal, her colour is fine, her breathing is also back to normal, or normal with a touch of stridor at least, and she's grinning away having had Norah Jones on a repeat loop for the past four hours. So she's going to school today! Not as cruel as it sounds; if I let her sleep the day away she'll be up again all night, school is half a mile away so I can be there quickly if there's a problem, and as well has having a nurse on site, her teacher is a retired nurse. So she'll be in good hands. Now here's hoping Little Fish's antibiotics make her sleepy so I can get some sleep in too.


Doorless said...

I do hope all is well come daylight.

Tina said...

Hope Mog manages at school and you get some sleep.
Lol on the sats monitor..I have done that many a time...also read the pulse and the O2 the wrong way round too.

MOM2_4 said...

We don't have a SATs monitor, but I've tried reading the digital thermo upside down, so I would prob do the same with a SAT. Maybe that's why we don't have one... the hosp doesn't trust me.

Why do kiddos always choose the middle of the night or weekends to play these games?

Praying you get some rest!!

Rx said...

sending love and sleep!


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