Friday, 29 February 2008

'Twas on a Monday morning when the milkman came to call

And he came back on the Wednesday, before we'd drank it all. And then again on Friday, with a double load of the stuff; I hadn't the heart at 4 AM to tell him we'd got more than enough.

So - what do you do with 7 pints of milk?

I made egg custard.Yum. delicately flavoured with a sprinkling of nutmeg on the top. Perfection. Except it wasn't; it curdled in the cooking. I don't do well with baked custards. Tastes fine, just a little chewier than it should be, but is very definitely curdled. Too hot an oven maybe?

That used up one pint. Next stop, Butterscotch Pudding. Now this is usually one of my very favourite puddings. It comes up a beautiful golden colour, and tastes of, well, butterscotch! Only this time it came up lumpy, white, and gluey. I'm not quite sure what I did wrong. It tastes ok, but only ok, whereas it should taste superb.

Little Fish seemed to like it anyway. Mog and I stuck with the egg custard.

Had a bargain buy in Budgens on Thursday - little packs of baby courgettes were reduced from £1.79 to 20p. So we bought the lot. And made some rather nice courgette bolognese.which I whizzed up merrily for Mog and Little Fish, forgetting once again to leave any unwhizzed for yours truly.

Little Fish enjoyed that too. Although she did seem to prefer it mixed in with the Butterscotch Pudding, rather than separately. Odd child.Egg yolks having disappeared into the Pudding, this left me with two egg whites.
One of these cups has eggwhite, the other has water. Guess which one I grabbed to soothe my cracked and aching throat? Hint: I won't be making meringues any time soon.

In other news, I understand that Jophie has double pneumonia and will be in PICU for a while. I tried to phone the hospital earlier but apparently the room was empty. I know Trina will be appreciating your thoughts and prayers.

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Robyn said...

Jophie is in my thoughtsxx

re the cooking, you are so good at using up all the bits! lol on drinking the egg white....ugh!!!!!


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